Here we try to answer some of the most common questions prospective customers have for us.

Will the ARES system fit on other vehicles?

Yes. The ARES system can be configured to fit on a wide variety of vehicles, as long as they have the structural integrity, and weight capacity for the system and the personnel it will deploy.

Is it possible to get a demo of the ARES system?

Yes, depending on the location desired. MIT utilizes our demo vehicles for many purposes, from static displays at trade shows and other venues, to tactical operations training. If you are interested in a hands-on demonstration of the ARES and its capabilities, please contact us at :   [email protected].

Will MIT provide training in how to use the ARES?

Yes. MIT's team of tactical experts can provide a wide spectrum of tactical training curricula, related to the intended uses of the ARES system. Some training must be approved by the US government before we can provide it to America's allies and trading partners.

Does MIT provide customer service after the sale?

Yes! Our customer services reps vary from region to region, but everywhere we sell our products, we follow it up with great service.

How does the ARES compare to other Elevated Tactics Systems?

While the differences between the ARES and competing systems are vast, the fact is that the ARES is essentially without competition. Every other elevated tactics system (ETS) on the market today utilizes technology that has not evolved since the first ETS was invented. All of our competitors require additional ladders or other accessories to reach the heights the ARES reaches directly, at the push of a button. We are very familiar with the competition, and we would be happy to provide more detailed comparisons upon request.