We took Elevated Tactics to the next level

MIT's newest Elevated Tactics System, ARES, is the culmination of years of research, learning, and development. The ARES is lighter, faster, stronger, and reaches higher than any other ETS ever made. Most importantly, ARES is the safest, and most effective system elevated tactical platform ever made.

MIT has several vehicle manufacturer partnerships and is proud to be teaming with LENCO Armored Vehicles for the ARES/Bearcat integration.

Click the video to watch the design revolution that is the ARES...

Our Next Generation...

The ARES is a revolutionary elevated tactics system, even by our standards.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Problem solving is our forte. If there is a tactical scenario that challenges your team's capabilities, let us help develop and integrate the ideal solution.

We're Tactical Experts

MIT's team has more than a century of combined tactical law enforcement and military experience. We approach this business from the tip-of-the-spear, not from behind a desk.

Operational Capability

Delivering the greatest operational capability to our customers is our beginning, and our end. Chances are, we've been there and we've done what you're doing.